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Olan Rogers

I do it…because I love it. I love it. I love every aspect. And I’m not gonna let anybody tell me, what I can’t do. Neither should you.
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Olan Rogers

So many possibilities waiting to be turn into action, there is no limit, but you have to want it, you have to want it, it may take years, it may take years, you may ask yourself that you maybe don’t get there, doesn’t exist, there will be people saying that you can’t a living out of it, that you can’t make a living of what you love to do, but are you really living by not doing it?


[ Day 5: Game character you are most like (or wish you were) ]

This girl is hands down my favorite character. I could go on about why, but everyone knows it already — don’t you? Ellie is the sassiest, thoughest, but also most emotionally vulnerable fourteen year old you’ll ever meet, and one of the most carefully developed characters I’ve seen in the gaming world.

I relate to her in many ways, but then again, so does everyone who has a heart, or fears they’ll end up alone, like there is no one they can trust. I can only wish, however, I had a tenth of her spirit and humor! Ellie <3

After all that I’ve done, all that I’ve been through, it can’t be for nothing.

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 joel’s done with your shit, ellie

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